“Live” Foods

Our bodies are self-healing machines.

You have almost 200K miles of blood vessels that are always under repair. Research has proved that you have at least 4 “out of control” areas in your body at any given time that your white blood cells police and handle.

As a matter of fact, you receive a “Brand New Body” every year or so, because all of your cells die naturally and get replaced. For instance, your skin cells die naturally in 28 days and get replaced. Your red blood cells last around 4 months and white blood cells last from a couple of days to months, while other organs and tissues have different “life spans”.

Understanding this, the cells that replace naturally dying cells can either be stronger or weaker depending on the building blocks we give them. Our bodies have the incredible ability to turn an apple into heart tissue, skin cells, etc., and it also has the challenge to do the best it can to turn a twinkie into those same tissues and cells. You can either give the body the “live” foods it needs from nature, to do its job or give it the chemically based non-natural or “dead” foods and have your body struggle with the process.

Remember that we have been evolving as a species for a long long time and our evolution has been fed by “live” foods that we have received from nature and not from “stuff” we can’t even pronounce…our bodies
don’t really know what to do with “stuff”.

So, the choice is yours to give your body what it needs, and sometimes just being more mindful is the way to make a change. You wouldn’t put junk in your Ferrari’s gas tank…and I guarantee you are worth more than a Ferrari!!!

-Dr. Vik, The Culture King