In my first 5 years of Practice…

The holiday season was dismal. I had to pay the clinic bills with the Thanksgiving week, the Christmas week and the week between Christmas and new Years basically “shot” as far as producing income.

Everyone “seemed” to be using their dough for gifts and parties and spent their time with their families…at least that was my thought.

That was the point where I learned that our thoughts drive our actions, which produce our future, so I decided to “try” something different in the 6th Holiday season…a thing called the WOW factor, which I learned from a coach of mine, Dr.Charles Ward.

We decorated the Clinic to the max, and every patient had a gift, we offered free services to our patients families, as a gift to them, we started our umbrella car service on rainy days so our patients wouldn’t get wet. We were excited to take care of  everyone in the spirit of giving. We changed our thinking from “Lack” to “Abundance”.

Funny thing…after we changed our thoughts, the Holiday season then became our best time of the year, and with all of our giving, and the process of reciprocation, it also became the time where we produced the most dough.

Your in “Something to think about” – Coach