If that Diet and Exercise…

…is taking the weight off too quickly…here’s some tips to gaining it back:

1. DON’T EXERCISE – Better yet, try to not move at all, this will keep your metabolism at the lowest level possible. So if you have to work, do it with little movement only and then get home ASAP and lie on the couch.

2. EAT – As much as possible, at all times. Just eat if you are alone or with company….doing something ,or nothing at all. Caloric, high in fat and sugar works well. Eating a large portion before bedtime, so the food won’t digest, is preferred.

3. DON’T DRINK WATER – Drink Sodas…regular sodas will give you a lot of empty calories while you drink it and the Diet Sodas tells your body you gave it something sweet, but with no calories delivered, don’t worry, you will overeat later.

So if the diet and exercise has gotten you too thin, these are the sure-fire tips to turn things around!

– Dr. Vik, The Culture King