Having fun yet??

Make sure you take baby steps… “Inch by inch , it’s a cinch and yard by yard is hard”. Changing habits can be difficult, only if you let it. Just introduce or replace an old habit with a new one a little bit at a time… this will start a routine that can develop into a pattern and ultimately a habit.

Some of us have habits that aren’t the best for us and we don’t even know why.

Let me tell you a story: When I was a kid, we always had canned ham for Easter, you know, the kind you dress up with diamond slice marks, cloves and pineapple. Well our ham always had the ends cut off, so I asked my Mom why?

She told me that is what her mother did, so I then asked my Grandma why she cut the ends off. She told me that she never had a pan big enough…

So, is there anything you’re doing to your mind or body that may not be the best and you have no idea why?

Yours in retrospection – Coach

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