Focusing on just…

A few things, sometimes makes the experience better.
No matter what we focus on, the focus raises all of our senses to take it all in.
Unlike a Buffet…You’re eating a crab leg, thinking about the pizza, and you eat the pizza thinking about the roast beef, and you eat the roast beef thinking about the waffle….there are too many choices and they all seem to blend together,.until it all tastes the same.

It can be the same when we are doing anything, with too many choices or options, our senses can be overwhelmed and our experience and even the outcome can be diminished from what it could of been, if we just focused on a few things.

So, for a great experience for most of what we do, focusing on the few, can have a sweet effect on our experience and on the results that follow.

– Dr. Vik, The Culture King