Do we like our Life?

I sure hope so, for it’s the only one we got.

Pondering the question of “Do we like our life?”, can bring about many different scenarios.

We always have the ability and choice to like our life, even if there are some things in it that we don’t necessarily like.This may sound like rhetoric, but there always is something going on in our lives, but doesn’t mean we can’t like it overall.

That’s because life brings us stuff that we don’t always need or want, and it is up to us to de-select those things that we don’t need or want, it’s just part of life, and we always need to pull the weeds to make the grass grow.

So we we need to stay mindful not to focus on the “stuff” that enters our lives, that’s not to our liking,  but instead, focus on liking our life.

Yours in “It’s All Good” – Coach

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