Ah sleep…

Nothing like a good nights sleep!

And occasionally, we don’t get what we need.

With a good nights sleep, we feel refreshed, have great energy and our “can do” attitude allows us to do most anything with ease.

But without good sleep, the simplest tasks, can be overwhelming.

Understanding that sleep, or the lack of it, can affect us when we’re awake, taking some simple steps to get what we need is always a good plan.

Along with a good bed and pillow, not eating or drinking too much before we go to bed, having the right mindset does wonders to ensure a good night’s sleep.

Start with envisioning yourself getting enough sleep, give yourself the image of what dreams you would like to dream, and quite the mind to thoughts of beauty.

And don’t think of things that are unfinished or need to be done,  for the only thing that should happen when you sleep, is sleep.

Yours in “A Good Nights Sleep” – Coach

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