WOW – that feeling…

Of accomplishing what we have been working on, for a long time, is one of the best feelings in the world!

A daunting project or task, that pushes us past what we thought were our limits, always has that sweet reward of a great feeling of accomplishment.

We have all felt it, with many of us first experiencing it, when we did our first ever, what seemed insurmountable…500 word essay in grade school.

You remember…it was when 500 words might as well have been 5.000. We tried triple spacing, writing big, to make it look big, but when we counted it up, it only came up to 100 words. But we got back to it and after much pain and effort we finally made it to 500 words, and usually not much more.

But it didn’t matter – we made it, and the feeling we were rewarded with was one of the best feelings in the world.

So let’s all keep up our focus, when we are pushed to our “limits” because our reward will always come.

Yours in “Pushing Past our Limits” – Coach