Switching things around…

Can help us take a “breather” while still moving forward.

I used to take care of folks that ran in the Boston Marathon.

When I asked them how they can keep doing the same thing, over and over again for the whole 26.2 miles, they would respond, “We change things up…with our running and our breathing patterns”.

“We alternate our running by slightly changing the pattern the weight being placed on our heels and then on the balls of our feet – not a lot, but it gives our different muscle groups time to take a bit of a “breather” to help fight fatigue”.

“And we also breathe mostly through our nose and exhale mostly through our mouths, to get the full effect of oxygen into our system, but we even alternate that process too”.

A great lesson on moving things forward, by changing things up.

Yours in “Moving Forward” – Coach