What’s the deal about “regrets”?

A popular saying is:

“I don’t have any regrets, because I am happy in my life now, and the regrets were just part of my journey that got me to where I am at today”.

That’s true, because in the above saying, they would most likely be talking about learning a simple lesson – that’s easy.

But what about those regrets (lessons) that took a long, long time to overcome – because we went a little too close to the edge, or got sideways, if you will? Those are tough – we would of  liked to learn a simple lesson and be done with it.

So regrets, sure we most all would like to get to have “do-overs” in our life, when we had a big regret…so we may want to look at regrets this way:

“Anyone who tells you they have no regrets in life, probably hasn’t had a very interesting life”

Yours in “OK – A couple of regrets” – Coach

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