We can all talk about…

What it’s about, but it’s about – that’s it.

We can also say, “it is what it is”…or “it just is”, and it won’t change one iota.

So in understanding that talking about, what it’s about, won’t change a thing – maybe we could talk about what it’s going to be, or could be.

Not to be rhetorical, but talking about things that are…doesn’t change things that are, it’s just talk about things that are.

But having an objective of what’s it’s going to be, or could be, is instrumental to new ideas and new discoveries – the very foundation Advancement is built on.

So have fun talking, for the sake of having fun talking, but when we are ready to take things to the “Next Level”, talking about what it’s going to be, or what it could be, may makes the most sense.

Yours in “Progress”  – Coach