State Change?

That’s what many of us are looking for.

And we’re not talking a state change from the 50 in our nation, we’re talking about changing our emotional, mental or physical “state”…or “state” of mind.

In life, from moment to moment, unless we are in our bliss, where time flies by without notice – we seek to change the “state” of where we currently are, to a different state.

Some choose food or beverage, or a vice, to change the state they’re in, which can be OK if it’s occasional, but dependency on outside stuff that is above or beyond what we really need…may not be the best choice – long term.

We need to focus on being content in the state we are in until it naturally progresses into the next, and if we need to change, maybe changing our state with something that is healthy is our best bet – exercise, yoga, breathing, meditation etc. are some sure fire ways to change it up.

Yours in “Changing States” – Coach

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