Cutting Calories…

Out of our daily diet, can be a more difficult task than adding them.

Our daily diet consists of around 2000 – 2500 calories a day – give or take, depending on size, age and gender.

And 1/4, or more, of our daily caloric intake, in many cases, can be the amount of calories in a “snack”:
Mocha and a scone…over 800 calories.
A couple of Pop Tarts…around 400.

And for meals:
Big Mac – 590, large fries – 539 and large soda – 300…total – 1429 calories.
Double Whopper – 1,060, large fries and large soda…total – 1899 calories

Researchers also say that one-fourth of many Americans’ calories come from soda.

Just adding high caloric foods by snacking or combining meal items, can raise our daily total and sometimes the only way to get back into our daily range, is to skip a meal (or 2)…which is very difficult to do.

Yours in “Being Mindful” – Coach