You betcha…it can help keep us sane.
We are talking about the “Flow” of what we all do, day to day.

We can get overwhelmed and even “frazzled” by the constant onslaught of things we are doing or attempting to get handled – we do one thing after another, many times, without a lot of structure to what we do.

And since Structure Dictates Function, why not put a little structure into the process to add a little more efficiency to what we do – it usually gives us more free time in the long run.

So instead of working on this and then that, group the same tasks that we do on an ongoing basis, and handle them once an hour, once a day or even once a week…because by the time we get our heads around a new task and complete it and go on to another, we could have done the same task that was saved and “compartmentalized” in a much more efficient, and time saving manner.

– Dr. Vik, The Culture King