Can I help my blood pressure?

Genes play a role but do not dictate all.

Your arteries are muscles and need to be put through routine exercise to remain elastic in order to withstand and respond to the demands put upon it.

If you run to catch a bus, your body knows it, and increases the blood. Thus, oxygen flows to the muscular system to furnish the increased need.

And without routine exercise, arteries become brittle and will not stretch upon increased demand of blood flow and the blood pressure will go up, too. Therefore, small incremental exercise will “stretch” the arteries and allow them to handle what is given.

Also your weight can play a large role in blood pressure. Consider this: You are watering a plant with a hose. You will need low pressure in the hose to supply enough water to the plant, if there was a pillow (little body mass) resting on the hose. You will need high pressure, if you were watering a plant with a sandbag (a lot of body mass) resting on the hose.

So a routine exercise program and monitoring your weight can play a major role in your blood pressure and where it needs to be.

Yours in Health – Coach