Busy or getting things done?

There is a big difference in being busy and getting things done. Running in
place is being busy but not making any ground, Spinning your wheels is also
being busy but not getting anywhere.

Do these examples have any resemblence to things that are happening in your

If so, you need to put things down and STOP what you are doing and just take a
good look at the process that doesn’t seem to be making any progress.

What is usually found is that you are simply going through the motions because
of 3 reasons:

1. You started it and are just keeping it going and forgot why.
2. You have lost passion in what you are doing.
3. You don’t see the value in what you are doing.

Once you  understand why you are not making any progress, you can re commit to
the “what” or “why” you are doing what you are doing or change it up

By doing so, you can start feeling the rewards of effort instead of emptiness.

Yours in Progress – Coach

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