At a recent visit to Starbucks…

There was long, lazy line.
I didn’t care as I hardly ever go, but there was a lady in front of me with an itch to get moving – she was huffing and sighing for 10 minutes until she got to the counter.
The barista behind the counter was super, and apologized to the woman for the long wait…but the lady in front of me wasn’t having any of it, and in no uncertain terms, she let the barista have it – with both barrels.

After the unhappy lady snatched her scone and grabbed her coffee in a speedy fashion and darted out, I asked the barista who just got snapped at, “She wasn’t too happy was she? – sorry”…and instead of being devastated by the mean customer, she simply replied “That’s OK, I’m getting my car back today”.

That was Brilliant – the barista didn’t let even a sliver of negativity into her life from the nasty customer…she just played her own game.

– Dr. Vik, The Culture King

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