Are you Thirsty or Hungry??

I received a lot of questions about the water blog posted yesterday so I would like to give some further information so that you can receive a better understanding of the dynamics of water in the body.

There are 2 general sensations associated with eating habits. The one for food is often termed hunger pain. The second is a sensation for thirst. Both sensations are felt in the same area and are brought about by histamines.

The best way to separate the sensation of thirst from hunger is to drink water before food (we recommend a 1/2 hour as it takes around a 1/2 hour before the physiology in search of water is separated from that of hunger for food.). The reality is that we often eat food and THEN drink water, if any, which masks the reality of dehydration.

In a dehydrated state, your body produces histamines which will congest the biggest areas of evaporation such as the lungs in order to conserve water. And when dehydrated, salt is what we also crave as it will help retain fluids in our body, so instead of drinking water, we go for salty snacks.

So understanding that we often eat foods that dehydrate us which may be mistaken for thirst or eat salty snacks in order to retain fluids, the process can be turned around.

How much water is too much.?? You can water log most anything, so a gradual increase to what you are comfortable with would be a good plan as you better understand the process. But just knowing the difference between thirst and hunger is a powerful starting point.

Yours in Understanding – Coach

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