Are you a Dollar doing a Nickel Job??

That saying can take many meanings, but the one that can cover all bases is when you take a look at what you do in your life, are you doing it up to your potential?

Some people are OK being a dollar doing a nickel job because they can’t fail. They do just enough to get by whether it is in their job or their personal life.

But when they take a look at what they are doing, I mean really take a look, most seem to wake up and KNOW they are capable of doing way more than they have been and that’s where the magic comes in. Once they realize and implement their skills and abilities to what they are really worth, things start to change for the better.

Their performance increases and people start to take notice, whether it is your kids finally seeing the real you come to light or you boss amazed by the new you. And you start to amaze yourself which fuels more of the real you to come out.

Once this change in you starts to take place, opportunities start to present themselves. Because with the old you, you were getting what you were putting out and with the new you and the change you made, you start to receive more abundance because you are being more abundant with what you are giving.

It’s a simple philosophy, but it takes YOU to give what you got that starts it all!

– Dr. Vik, The Culture King