Are we breathing?

We may be, but when was the last time we took a big breath?

We’re talking about expanding our lungs… filling up every alveoli – all 300 million of them with life sustaining oxygen!

For those that do aerobic (means – with oxygen) activity…it happens with the expansion of the lungs and the elevation of your ribcage – so you’re good…

But for those that don’t do aerobic exercise…going from sitting to standing may be the only exercise we get…and your blood oxygen level could use a little boost…so taking big, slow deliberate breathes will do 3 things:

1. Provide more oxygen to your body – which is good.
2. Open up your lungs and rib cage – which is also good.
3. Allow the Lymph system to better circulate – good again.

Start making a habit out of taking big breathes – your health depends on it

Yours in breathing – Coach

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