A recipient is a…

Person that receives something.
And we are all recipients, every day, in every way.
We receive weather, conversation, traffic, work, unpleasant people, pleasant people, information, phone calls etc – we are recipients on a consistent basis.
Why is it that some of the stuff we receive, can take over our emotions, and affect our actions?

It shouldn’t have to…since upon receiving, we are getting more than we had before – we should be thankful for all that we receive, as it is a gift…maybe a gift that we don’t particularly care for, but a gift just the same.

So it may make the best sense to perceive everything that comes to us, as a gift, some we keep and some we pass on…but being thankful and grateful for all that comes to us – as it was more than we had before.

– Dr. Vik, The Culture King

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