Vitamin D and Health…

Vitamin D helps to transport calcium to the bones thereby helping to build healthy bones, and also helps regulate calcium levels and helps support the immune system functions.

Where do you get Vitamin D?? It can also be found in fish and dairy products and oils, but you get it mostly from sunlight.

10-15 minutes a day, a couple times a week, exposure to sunlight usually satisfies a persons vitamin D requirements as vitamin D is synthesized in the skin upon exposure to sunlight.

The classic lack of vitamin D is called rickets or chondromalacia which is the inability to mineralize bone. The correlation of rickets and  the lack of vitamin D was 1st recognized in the 17th century when children labored long hours without sunlight, from where the term “sweatshops” arose. It caused the stoppage of bone growth and the development of weak long bones which “bowed” over time. Cod liver oil and it’s vitamin D PLUS sunlight was able to stop the process.

Synthetic vitamin D found in milk has been found to transport calcium to the blood vessels, so one should not rely on that for their vitamin D…a little sunlight is the key.

And for those that live in little sunlight, like near the north pole in winter…their diet is full of fish and fish oils…what a coincidence??

Yours in a little “D” – Coach

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