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When you write it down…

I have had many employees come to me with unbridled excitement concerning their last years goals. The overwhelming reason for their excitement was the fact that when they went back and looked at what they choose as their goals for last year…they all actually came true and many exceeded their goals!! This is because when… Read more »

Why live in the Present?

Why live in the Present? Because wherever we go, there we are. So when we think about it, why do we keep going places in our lives and not “be there” when we arrive? It’s not about not wanting more out of life, but we need to remain mindful not to be in the present,… Read more »

Fired Up?

You bet! I’ve been talking to a lot of people lately and their vocabulary has been changing. From last years defensive talk of putting their helmets on and attempting to fend off the blows that the recession have been dolling out, to “enough is enough” and switching their mindsets, to that of going on the… Read more »

Life is what happens…

Life is what happens… When we are making other plans! We talk about making plans and goals to better our lives, but we must not forsake our time in the present or the time getting there. We need to stay mindful of the process and the beauty it contains and will unfold, over time. So… Read more »

A negative mind…

will never lead to a positive life. It’s just because if our dominant thoughts are negative and we seem to seek out that which is alignment with our dominant thoughts. Pretty simple – if we are thinking negatively, we seek that which is negative to support and satisfy our reality…of our dominant thoughts. So we… Read more »

Haven’t made your life plans yet?

No worries. There is no late bell, or deadline. When you are ready, you are ready…keeping it as a priority in taking YOUR life to the “Next Level” will be motivator enough. Simply writing down a plan to meet a conceived deadline will produce empty results. Keep thinking, dreaming and planning and you will roll… Read more »