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A negative mind…

will never lead to a positive life. It’s just because if our dominant thoughts are negative and we seem to seek out that which is alignment with our dominant thoughts. Pretty simple – if we are thinking negatively, we seek that which is negative to support and satisfy our reality…of our dominant thoughts. So we… Read more »

Sometimes, you just got to…

“Bust it down…Legendary”. That’s right – Do what you do best and make it Shine. Why hold back?…the world would love, and most likely need, what you have inside, busting to get out. So put the pedal to the metal and floor it when you get the green light, we are all waiting to see… Read more »

Use Discontent as a Motivator?

You betcha. Just like a hot stove, discontent is a warning sign that should be explored. Many people I work with experience the feeling of discontent or anxiety in certain areas of their life. In exploring why they are feeling this way, often times, they have a revelation on what the root cause is. Once… Read more »

Haven’t made your life plans yet?

No worries. There is no late bell, or deadline. When you are ready, you are ready…keeping it as a priority in taking YOUR life to the “Next Level” will be motivator enough. Simply writing down a plan to meet a conceived deadline will produce empty results. Keep thinking, dreaming and planning and you will roll… Read more »

A Set Back is a…

Set Up – for a Comeback. Our Very own Augusta gave us that one to run with, and it sounds great! We can’t always have things go smoothly with out stopping, for if it did, we wouldn’t really have any inspiration to do, or get better. Comebacks are not only great in sports but in… Read more »