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Daily Inspirational Quotes – Day 1229

Remember, not getting… What we want, just may be a blessing in disguise. If we got everything we wanted, we would just be wanting more, and that isn’t really the best thing for our us. We may even know someone who gets everything they want – more often than not, they don’t have to do… Read more »

Daily Inspirational Quotes – Day 1228

There is a time… To learn and there is a time to teach. and making the transition, takes time. Many of the folks I have talked with, in many different fields, have let me know that they are trying to be experts, but they are having a hard time getting traction with clients. The common… Read more »

Daily Inspirational Quotes – Day 1227

What you do best… Should be on film! You know the deal – we all do something that is totally ours and everyone loves it, but when we are asked to do it, we won’t. What’s up with that? And if we are asked to do it for the camera – it’s definitely “No way”…. Read more »

Daily Inspirational Quotes – Day 1226

There is an old… Saying, “If it doesn’t make money, it doesn’t make sense”. I don’t know who coined this phrase, but to me, it doesn’t make sense. Making money can be important, for it gives us some extra choices, but the real choices that matter the most are our choices that don’t cost us… Read more »

Daily Inspirational Quotes – Day 1222

Do we need to… Think about our lives and get back to basics? Jed Clampett of The Beverly Hillbillies, who inadvertently struck oil in his Ozark swamp land, was approached by Milburn Drysdale who let him know that he could move to Beverly Hills to have all the best. Instead of living in a “shack”,… Read more »

Daily Inspirational Quotes – Day 1221

I guess today’s… Blog, number 1221, is a palindrome: a word, line. verse, number, sentence etc.,  reading the same backward as forward. Our lives should also be a sort of palindrome, being that we would choose the same things and be happy with them, viewing them backward or forward. Living our lives as a content… Read more »

Daily Inspirational Quotes – Day 1220

We are never… Out of Options. With challenges we all face, sometimes we focus on the challenges and not the solutions, at least that is the way it is when people visit me for a chat. So when we are faced with challenges, we need to change our focus and look at solutions. We can… Read more »

Daily Inspirational Quotes – Day 1219

Eating well… Keeps us well, it’s as simple as that. We do tend to pick the stuff that tastes good, over the stuff that is good for us. Why? Because the folks that make “food” know this, and they use every “tool in their bag” to make their product tastes the best, so we choose… Read more »

Daily Inspirational Quotes – Day 1218

We need the bad… To appreciate the good. Word. We can’t always have good things happen or expect good things to be always coming our way, 100% of the time…it’s just not the way things roll. We really do need some “bad” things to happen once in a while for us to really appreciate the… Read more »

Daily Inspirational Quotes – Day 1215

There is nothing wrong… With aiming high, but helping others to aim high with you, is even better. You can reach the top mountain yourself, but then there is no one else there. You can make a Billion, but without others, spending it on yourself would get boring. You can reach the pinnacle of success… Read more »