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Like attracts Like…

Your Social Circle is made up by the people you choose. They are in your “Circle” because you get along well, most likely because you have the same hobbies, friends and interests. Studies show, more interestingly, that the people in your “Circle” are also in the same economic level as yourself. In my coaching, I… Read more »

New vs. Old..?

In public, New is the deal. But what about private?? What is your uniform of choice?…you know what I mean…the old outfit you won’t wear in public, but love to wear around the house. These outfits usually have 3 criteria: They are paid for, comfortable and loose, and if someone tries to throw them out,… Read more »

Releasing Baggage??

It’s one of the 3 things that I go over in my Introduction to Coaching Workshops…why?? For one, there is no future in the past, and for two, you can’t climb mountains with heavy baggage from the past. But releasing baggage can be more difficult than it sounds, with some baggage harder to release than… Read more »

Do you Major in Minor Things??

If you do, it is up to you to change it up. When people Major in Minor Things, it is usually because they are off focus or have no plans or goals in life. It happens in all ages but is more evident in some retired couples…with nothing to do and all day to do… Read more »

Best Days of Your Life…?

I did a survey and asked the question, “What was the best day of your life”? Not surprisingly, people responded to memories of events with other people. “When my child was born”….”At Disneyland with my family and relatives”….”Catching that big fish with my grandpa”…”When our team won the championship”. All of “The best Days of… Read more »

Not Enough Time??

Sometimes it may seem that way, but there really is enough time. You really choose all the things that take your attention and time. Therefore, you have the premiere ability to prioritize what really does warrant your attention and time. What YOU choose will have a direct relationship of the qualitiy of YOUR life and… Read more »

It’s One of Those Days…

Pretty sweet… Today I woke up and I knew today was it. I didn’t declare it to be a great day, I didn’t even have to make it a great day…I somehow just feel it. Can’t really explain it…biorhythm,  circadian cycle,  full moon?? Who really cares, I’m taking it and letting it flow. These days… Read more »

What don’t YOU do??

My boy Sam just entered 2nd grade and he was sent home with some papers for us to sign and apparently he needed to sign them too. The first paper he signed was that if he ever went on the school computer he wouldn’t explore different sites which he thought was odd, why would someone… Read more »

Is it True??

Not everything we see, read or hear is the truth. BUT, we seem to be “wired” to react as though it is! To maintain inner peace, we must not react to everything we see, read or hear. Introspection must be done if a repetitive topic keeps coming up, as feedback for us to change for… Read more »


Light stress or stress in short duration can actually be good for us, as our body has the ability to “recover” and become stronger. But continued stress, with out relief, can breakdown even the strongest. There are a lot of things in life you may need to stress about but there are so many more… Read more »