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Do you Major in Minor Things??

If you do, it is up to you to change it up. When people Major in Minor Things, it is usually because they are off focus or have no plans or goals in life. It happens in all ages but is more evident in some retired couples…with nothing to do and all day to do… Read more »


Is the quality or condition of being humble. In life… working as a family or a team, it allows things to get done, as there is no job too big or too small or insignificant for anyone to do. Humility takes the ego and arrogance out of the equation, creating the sum of smooth interaction… Read more »

Talent or Skill…

We are all great at something…and you probably know what that something is in you. Are you keeping your talent or skill a secret? Others would love what you have to share. – Dr. Vik, The Culture King

Spin it and Win it…In the Future?

Yes, you can go into a future situation with different attitudes and perceptions. You can go to a dental appointment with the view that “It will very uncomfortable and that you will dread the shot and the drilling while imagining the smoke billowing from your mouth as the Doctor hits a nerve.” OR you can… Read more »

There are a million…

Things that can annoy, worry or irritate us – don’t let them. It sure is easy to allow those negative things take over our emotions. So why not…Let the million things…that can bring us joy, happiness and love in. It’s Most likely the better choice. – Dr. Vik, The Culture King

How to put more Stress into Your Life:

1. BE IMPATIENT – Remember, nothing goes as quickly as you would like it to, but it should… so whenever possible, be impatient and irritated about what’s going on. 2. WORRY MORE – When things go smoothly, understand, it’s just a “fluke” because things always spiral out of control, and that’s what you need to… Read more »

What’s Good Posture?

YOU HAVE GOOD POSTURE – if you back up against a wall and your buttocks, back of shoulders and back of your head all touch the wall with no forced effort. IF YOU DON’T – you can change it…you see, Ligaments have mechano-receptors called golgi bodies…they are responsible for keeping the ligaments from stretching too… Read more »

Don’t Make Fun of People…

…Have fun with people. That’s what my 7 year old Sam said I should put on the blog. I think he’s right. Too many times we are quick to judge and we find it easier to see faults and quirks in people and make fun of them without thinking about them as a person with… Read more »

Sometimes, we don’t need to…

Give ourselves a “back door”. As Cerebral thinkers, we usually include a trap door or escape hatch to allow us a way out if our plans don’t work…it’s just a part of our inherent quest for self survival. But when our plans are for taking our lives to the “Next Level” we may want to… Read more »

An employee came to me today…

…with something she had for years but just found it last night…it said, “What would you attempt to do if you knew you couldn’t fail”? It was nice to hear that she was finally excited about the possibilities awaiting her in the future, because only a month ago she hit rock bottom. She was telling… Read more »