For the most part…

We, as humans, don’t store much protein in our body.

What we do store is fat and sugar.

So in our diet we need to make sure we ingest enough protein to keep our muscles in top form, especially when we are exercising the muscles…because there is not a lot of reserve.

– Dr. Vik, The Culture King

Should I do this…

Or should I do that?

Decisions, Decisions?

Remember – No decisions, is a decision.

When it comes to the decisions to “strap up” and start moving forward….the time is now.

Or, we can wait until we are younger, richer, or more better looking.

Yours in “Choice” – Coach

Everybody has a life…

They create around themselves.

It’s a very important message which we must all take to heart, because if we don’t, our live can spin out of control.

Just look around you…is there peace and quite and order in your life? Or is there turmoil, drama and chaos all around. Whatever it is, you have created it.

The sad point in this truth is that the ones that have the most upheaval in their lives, are the same ones that say it’s not their fault.

Yours in “Own Your Life” – Coach

My Dad called me…

Last week and he said he figured it all out.

He said, “He was going to live until he died”.

For me, it kind of wrapped it all up.

I guess the only thing for us to do, is to choose just how we want to live until the inevitable.

Pretty cool, and totally up to us.

Yours in “It’s up to us” – Coach

People change when they’re ready…

But sometimes we forget that.

I have coached many because they are having a tough time trying to change someone. Like…”I lent my best buddy Joe some cash and he hasn’t paid me back”?

Then we get to Joe’s deal…he only works when he wants to, always broke and has filed bankrupcy in the past. Probably not the best guy to lend some dough.

So just chalk it up to experience, because you can’t change Joe unless he wants to change…with him not paying you back, we can see that’s just the way Joe rolls.

So you can keep him as a buddy or not, up to you, forget the cash, Joe was just being Joe.

Yours in Accepting people being different – Coach

Making a Goal is just like…


We all know how things go in our lives…it seems like we often don’t have enough time to fit things in, or do what we really want to do.

But when we set a goal or make a plan, our goals and plans usually work out and get handled.
That’s because we have declared where we want to go or what we want in our lives, and we then tend to focus toward what we have declared.

So if we need to go somewhere, get something done, have more fun, or just need a vacation, make it a goal or plan it out, and it will happen.

– Dr. Vik, The Culture King