Don’t like to work out??

Stretching is one of the most important forms of exercise. It brings
movement to tissues that need motion to stay supple, elastic and
function properly. Without movement, our tissues get less pliable and
become rigid over time. The saying, “If you don’t use it, you’ll lose
it,” is especially true of our body and it’s parts. More precisely, we
not only lose it but lose its function as well. Our body’s tissues are
likened to a rubber band: If the rubber band is stretched daily, it
remains functional and elastic. Whereas, if you don’t stretch a
rubber band and leave it alone, over time the rubber band will become
brittle and lose its function.

Stretching not only allows for full range of motion of the tissues,
joints and organs, it allows for increased circulation to help nourish
the body’s tissues while enhancing the elimination of natural toxins
that build up with out motion.

So, the basics of stretching go far beyond overcoming the feeling of
being “stiff”. Stretching has a list of health benefits that go on and on.

Yours in Movement – Coach

Sometimes, you just got to…

“Bust it down…Legendary”.

That’s right – Do what you do best and make it Shine.

Why hold back?…the world would love, and most likely need, what you have inside, busting to get out.

So put the pedal to the metal and floor it when you get the green light, we are all waiting to see what you got…Oh yeah, make it Legendary.

Your in Shining – Coach

I guess today’s…

Blog, number 1221, is a palindrome: a word, line. verse, number, sentence etc.,  reading the same backward as forward.

Our lives should also be a sort of palindrome, being that we would choose the same things and be happy with them, viewing them backward or forward.

Living our lives as a content palindrome, we would have no regrets, no “do-overs”, or no “shoulda, woulda, coulda”.

And that’s the way it should be.

Yours in “Doing it Right…the 1st time” – Coach

Daily reflection…

Can be a valuable tool for our growth and success.

Thinking back on our day, we can reflect on the “peaks”, which will provide inspiration, and we can also reflect on our “valleys” which will provide motivation.

So remember that “peaks and valleys” come and go, and what we do with them is what is most important.

Yours in “Reflection” – Coach

Somebody call the Cops…

I think we have a breakout!

I’m thinking it’s…YOU!

You recently had some thoughts about taking it to the “Next Level”, eh?

That’s what I thought, and am not surprised…that’s like you!

You always amaze me, but this time you really hit a home run!

I don’t want to keep you, as you have some “Next Leveling” to do, but just wanted to say:

Congratulations, I’m proud of YOU!

Yours in “Way to Go” – Coach


Happiness is one of the keys to Health Awareness as it can make your
life a joy to be living and there are some facts that just may surprise
you about happiness.

Research has shown that more money doesn’t necessarily help in the
happiness department. Having just enough money to afford the basics,
like food, shelter and clothing is the baseline for happiness and more
money than that has no effect in increasing happiness…and more
interestingly, the more money one has, there is a correlation that shows
increased unhappiness with increased amounts of money.

The biggest factors in Happiness are:

1. Avoiding negative events, people and emotions.
2. Having a rich social network.

Makes sense? So in being happy you may want to focus your abilities not
on money, but on the positive while developing your social network.

Money can’t buy Happiness and after all, positivity and friends are Real

Yours in Happiness – Coach