Having a great time along our…

Journey, is much more than 1/2 the fun.
Many times, we head out on a journey, focused with our heads down, moving straight ahead to achieve our goals. And there is somoething admirable about a person who can laser their energies to end up with their end goal.
But even more admirable, is the one who can focus with thier heads up, to see all the beauty and other opportunities that are there, along the way.
After all, why even go on a journey that may take days, months or even years just to celebrate for 15 minutes at the end?
Yours in “Enjoying the Journey” – Coach

A Ship in a Harbor is Safe…

But that’s not what ships are built for.

Is there anything in your life that is staying in the harbor that you are not taking out to sea??

In coaching, I have found that people do not have a fear of failure, they have a fear of success…. They stay within their comfort zone or “stay in the harbor”, if you will, and play it safe even when opportunity is right around the corner.

By moving out of one’s comfort zone, there may be anxiety to overcome, yet in doing so, we can continue moving forward or growing, because in reality, we are either expanding or contracting.

What is it in your life that is being held back and not expanding or moving forward…your relationships, your employment, your eating or fitness???

Only you can decide, and then set up a plan to take it to the next level.

Yours in taking it to the next level – Coach

Heat rises and…

Cold settles.

The same goes within our lives.

When we put a focused energy and action towards any area of our life, our lives rise or go up, since action and energy both are forms of heat.

And conversely, when we put no energy or action towards an area of our life, it settles or goes down.

Yours in simple physics – Coach

Thought Range?

By keeping your thoughts in the range from neutral to positive, you are able to create the outcome in the same latitude.

It is because our attitude and choices are derived from our thoughts…pretty simple.

Your in Creating – Coach

Do you Major in Minor Things??

If you do, it is up to you to change it up.

When people Major in Minor Things, it is usually because they are off focus or have no plans or goals in life.

It happens in all ages but is more evident in some retired couples…with nothing to do and all day to do it. Eg. Husband and Wife: “You didn’t vacuum in the corners”, “I vacuumed in the corners”. , “You left your fork out”, “No, I put it back in the drawer”, “No, you left it out”…..WHO CARES??

The fact is, that when you are off focus or have no plans or goals, you need to find a way to feel useful and since there are no “Major Things” to command your attention, you turn to the little “Minor Things”.

So when you find yourself Majoring in Minor Things, time to get back on

– Dr. Vik, The Culture King


Is the quality or condition of being humble.

In life… working as a family or a team, it allows things to get done,
as there is no job too big or too small or insignificant for anyone to do.

Humility takes the ego and arrogance out of the equation, creating the
sum of smooth interaction and cooperation.

May Humility live on, and prosper in your life.

– Dr. Vik, The Culture King