New vs. Old..?

In public, New is the deal.

But what about private?? What is your uniform of choice?…you know what I mean…the old outfit you won’t wear in public, but love to wear
around the house.

These outfits usually have 3 criteria: They are paid for, comfortable
and loose, and if someone tries to throw them out, you raise havoc like
a 2 year old at bedtime.

So even though we may see you with new duds in public…we all know it’s all about comfort and old at home.

What does this have to do with Life Improvement?? Gotta keep it balanced…

– Dr. Vik, The Culture King

Sometimes, we don’t need to…

Give ourselves a “back door”.

As Cerebral thinkers, we usually include a trap door or escape hatch to allow us a way out if our plans don’t work…it’s just a part of our inherent quest for self survival.

But when our plans are for taking our lives to the “Next Level” we may want to nail the “back door” shut, allowing only success to be the final outcome.

– Dr. Vik, The Culture King

Rise and Shine!

Yep – The old school phrase used when you woke up and it’s a time tested, powerful 3 word affirmation which we should all repeat, or use as our daily morning mantra.

Make no mistake about it – it’s not Rise and Dull…it’s “RISE AND SHINE”:)

My wife and 15 year old daughter choose to “slowly” start to Shine and my boys and I like to Shine from the jump – that’s just the way we roll – we also choose how bright we are going to Shine for the day…and it’s pretty cool to see the results.

So “RISE AND SHINE FOLKS” – you can even choose the way you do it!

Yours in “I need Sunglasses” – Coach

Lean on it…

It will make you feel good.

We are talking about our daily routine of getting our “things” done.

We usually plan our time to get done just what we need to get done for that day, and rarely handle things of tomorrow.

Maybe just once in a while, after some nice rest, we can “lean on it” just a bit and handle some “things” of tomorrow…today.

Yours is a Good Feeling – Coach


At work, is not only is talked about at work, but is brought home and talked about at
home, making work and home a pleasure for the one who received the compliment and for
those others around them.

Regretfully, criticism has the same effect at work and at home, but not with the same

So be careful what you say to others as it affects more than just the moment.

– Dr. Vik, The Culture King

The happiest people…

Don’t always have the best of everything, but make the best of everything they have.

That’s because happiness doesn’t  depend on money, people or things.

You can remind yourself, if need be, to just think of the people who are smiling the most and the happiest – Children.

Yours in making the Best of Everything – Coach