Let’s face it…

There are just some things that we don’t want to do, and can’t delegate, that makes us tired just thinking of them.

That’s the point, the hardest and the worst part…is “thinking” about what we have to do.

It’s best to just get them done and our minds can once again be free…for at least a while:)

My wife likes to do them all in one day – she pick Monday’s and feels great the rest of the week.

So when we have “to do’s” that we really don’t want “to do” like clean toilets, wait at the Post Office, call the insurance company etc…pick a day and just do them…and they will be out of our minds and on the “done” list.

Yours in “Do it, instead of Think it” – Coach

Have you Graduated from…

The school of “Hard Knocks and Make Due?

The ones that I have seen – are pretty good at figuring things out.

“Street Smarts” are just as important as “school smarts”.

Because “street smarts” are what we learn when we are on our own and we usually get instant feedback. There is nothing ethereal or conceptual about “street smarts” and most of them we can’t find in a classroom or from books.

Let’s all heed the lessons “street smarts” will give us, for it is what real life is all about.

Yours in “Education” – Coach

Do we like our Life?

I sure hope so, for it’s the only one we got.

Pondering the question of “Do we like our life?”, can bring about many different scenarios.

We always have the ability and choice to like our life, even if there are some things in it that we don’t necessarily like.This may sound like rhetoric, but there always is something going on in our lives, but doesn’t mean we can’t like it overall.

That’s because life brings us stuff that we don’t always need or want, and it is up to us to de-select those things that we don’t need or want, it’s just part of life, and we always need to pull the weeds to make the grass grow.

So we we need to stay mindful not to focus on the “stuff” that enters our lives, that’s not to our liking,  but instead, focus on liking our life.

Yours in “It’s All Good” – Coach

Life doesn’t get much better!

Sure we have our ups and downs, ins and outs, ahead and behind, we can go on and on, it’s just called balance, everything in life has balance.

We breathe in oxygen and breathe out carbon dioxide, plants do the opposite.

The tide rises and then retreats, there is day and then night.

So what’s the big deal about setbacks?? They’re only balanced by comebacks.

And challenges…love ’em, they are just balanced by opportunities.

WOW, what a world we live in…it doesn’t get much better than that.

Yours in “Loving Life” – Coach

It’s easier to give than to take?

Yes, when we are talking about our daily calorie intake.

Most of our calories we take in per day is “usually” around the same amount as we are often considered creatures of habit…if we stick to meals and nothing in between.

But is is much easier to “give” our daily calorie intake a bit more than it is to “take” some calories away.

Most “splurges” associated with foods,  contain about as much calories as a meal, and a splurge is something we do in addition to a meal, before, after or in between.

Just understanding that it is much easier to splurge than to take away an entire meal,  is what needs to be remembered.

Yours in “Choice” – Coach

Stop chasing…

And start embracing!

Got that one from my friend Snowy, National Sales Manager at Oneill!

We may all feel like we are chasing our own tail, in these times, and we need to start embracing what is real in our lives.

Let’s focus on what really matters…like our friends and family, and be thankful for all  that we have.

Tough times pass – they always do, so let the negativity be around our lives, but not within our lives.

Yours in “Stop Chasing and Start Embracing” – Coach – and Snowy