In tough situations…

It’s still our choice on how we respond or react, even when we are faced with the super tough situations – concerning lying and cheating.

We need to keep to our own game as attempting to get even, in the same manner, will cause more damage.

Just understand that the one who has lied or cheated, does so, because it much easier to lie or cheat than face the consequences or punishment.

They just need to change their view of not lying or cheating, because it’s wrong.

Yours in “Our Own Game” – Coach

In my experience…

Around a year after someone passes…people stop talking about them.

It’s sad but true, as life moves on, the ones that are not around…are soon forgotten.

However, I have also experienced that people do keep talking about the ones that have passed, when they were a big impact on their lives.

The ones that have empowered, loved and supported positive relationships are the ones that seem to ” live on”, far after they are gone.

So if you would like to stay around long after you have gone, just give people what they want while they are living, and they will have something to talk about.

Yours in “Forever” – Coach

When we do…

Things that are bad – people gossip.

When we do things that are so so – no one notices.

When we do things that are good – people notice.

When we do things that are great – there is word of mouth.

When we are the “best in show” – people brag, and want to be a part of us.

Yours in “Choice” – Coach

Are we working out…

Just to work out, or are we working on something?

Some tend to work out, just to get the body moving and that’s great, but does our workout have a focus on the desired results?

Do we want to change the way are arms look? Would we like to see a different stomach? How about wanting to increase our cardio?

All of our desires to change our bodies towards improvement can achieve better results if we have a focus to our workouts.
So whatever you declare to get better or shape up – simply align your efforts accordingly, and put the “beat down” on your focus, until you achieve what you want.

– Dr. Vik, The Culture King

Your skin is your bodies largest…

Organ of elimination.

Summer heat and dryness being combated by lotions and creams may leave your pores clogged and thereby reducing your skins ability to do it’s job.

You can take proactive measures by brushing you skin with either a wet or dry brush or washcloth to help to open up what needs to be open…allowing your skin and it’s elimination to occur and it was designed.

Yours in Health – Coach