When we do…

Things that are bad – people gossip.

When we do things that are so so – no one notices.

When we do things that are good – people notice.

When we do things that are great – there is word of mouth.

When we are the “best in show” – people brag, and want to be a part of us.

Yours in “Choice” – Coach

Are we working out…

Just to work out, or are we working on something?

Some tend to work out, just to get the body moving and that’s great, but does our workout have a focus on the desired results?

Do we want to change the way are arms look? Would we like to see a different stomach? How about wanting to increase our cardio?

All of our desires to change our bodies towards improvement can achieve better results if we have a focus to our workouts.
So whatever you declare to get better or shape up – simply align your efforts accordingly, and put the “beat down” on your focus, until you achieve what you want.

– Dr. Vik, The Culture King

Your skin is your bodies largest…

Organ of elimination.

Summer heat and dryness being combated by lotions and creams may leave your pores clogged and thereby reducing your skins ability to do it’s job.

You can take proactive measures by brushing you skin with either a wet or dry brush or washcloth to help to open up what needs to be open…allowing your skin and it’s elimination to occur and it was designed.

Yours in Health – Coach

King vs Double?

Have you ever been in a king-sized bed that felt like a double or a double that seemed like a king??

What prompted your perception of either something being larger than it was or smaller than it was, my friends, was brought about by your state of mind.

When something feels bigger or grander than normal, it is because you were in a positive or abundant state of mind. When you felt something was smaller than it was is because you were in a negative or contracted state of mind.

Our minds have the great adaptive quality to perceive things differently than reality.

So you may want to take a good look at things in your life and see if you need to change any contracted, negative perceptions to an abundant and positive perception, and when you then look at it with the different perception, what you then see most likely has changed as well.

You may even save money next time you visit a hotel…get a double bed, then just be abundant and positive and perceive it as a king!

Yours in Abundance – Coach

When you lose your Momentum…

You gain in your Omentum…that’s the anatomical structure in our abdomen abdomen which contains Fat.

Phylogenetically, it’s purpose is to store fat for a reserve to be used in times of famine, but in these days, it can balloon due to a poor diet and lack of exercise and it develops into what we call the “spare tire”, “beer belly” or over sized “bread basket”.

An enlarged Omentum can also be the starting point to a host of diseases as well.

Just knowing that when you lose your Momentum, you gain in your Omentum and the problems it can cause, may be all the inspiration you need to keep the exercise going.

Your in Health – Coach