“Looks like she fell out of the…

Giving tree and hit every branch on the way down”.

That would be a pretty sweet thing people could say about us…it’s all about our “Brand” – and a brand is just about what people say about us, not what we say about ourselves.

So what is your “Brand”? Is it good, bad or in between?

Remember, it’s not what you say about yourself, it’s what others say about you.

And it comes from what you do and how you do it – keep this in mind, when you want to create a brand for yourself.

Yours in – “Creating Your Brand” – Coach


It’s something we need to do.

We can go without food for weeks, water maybe days and without air…most likely not more than about 2 minutes.

Yes, it’s pretty important…nearly all functions of our body, down to the cellular level  are aerobic, meaning they need oxygen.

Yet, in our daily routine, most of us just sit and move less than the past which brings our respiration to a very shallow level, giving us just the minimum amount of oxygen in order to survive but not thrive.

Breathing more deeply will not only allow our body to function better, but oxygen is also an antiseptic.

Will you take this challenge?: Breathe deep 10 times s-l-o-w-l-y in and out and if you have the patience to finish 10 deep breathes – see how you feel…you may want to put it in your daily health routine:)

Yours in Breathing Deep- Coach

Are you an Artist?

Maybe…maybe not.

Either way, you are the one who paints the picture of yourself, not someone else.
And I don’t believe we should paint a small picture of ourselves…why should we?

Reality dictates we can become as big as our dreams, so paint BIG.

– Dr. Vik, The Culture King

There will never be another you…

We’ve heard it before, with virtually countless generations and billions of people currently on this planet, there will never be another you.

May not be a big deal at a glance, but when we really think about it, if there will never be another you, what are you doing to make your contribution to history?

Yours in Making History – Coach

Are you abusing…

Yourself like a rental car?

If you are, you know that you will wear out sooner than expected and your “trade in” value will not be worth that much.

And just like a rental car, no one really wants them in the end.

So turn the abuse into caring, and your future will be worth a lot more…than if you don’t.

Yours in “Proper Care” – Coach

The older the berry…

The sweeter the juice.

Yes, since things mature over time and with age, they can be harvested to bring out the maximum desired results.
But in today’s society, the “McDonald’s” factor of wanting it now and demanding a forced result before it’s ready, often times, makes us “pick it” before it’s ripe.

We must be patient for all good things to come to be, at it’s own pace, and not ours – otherwise we can’t harvest all that there can be.

The Latin phrase “Pauca sed matura” meaning “Few but ripe” is all that we need to remember.

– Dr. Vik, The Culture King