The Statistics show…

That most heart attacks occur on Monday Mornings.

Maybe it’s because of the stress of undertaking another work week, or the stress of too much relaxation or partying during the weekend and we are not strong enough to handle another work week.

In either case, it’s good that most heart attacks don’t happen on Friday’s…because if they did, we would have missed the weekend.

Yours in “Consider it Lucky” – Coach

Bad always hurts…

And good always helps.

That is a good thing to remember, when it comes to our thoughts.

Thinking good is paramount in having our bodies chemistry working at it’s best, allowing our health to be tops, and thinking good also helps us to focus on the positive…which allows us to have the positive come into our lives.

And the reverse happens when when our thoughts and thinking is bad.

So all in all, it starts with our thoughts – focusing on good or bad…and our lives will follow suit.

Yours in Choice – Coach

A lot of Inspiration and Motivation…

Comes from Recognition.

Why not?

I don’t think anybody wants to do anything for a long period of time without recognition.

That’s the very reason many golfers don’t play alone…for if they hit a great shot, there was no one there to see it.

So recognize others for their efforts and contributions…and it will give them the fuel to keep going strong.

Yours in Recognition – Coach

“Stop” is a precursor…

…to “Go”.

Just as action is always preceded by inaction.

Therefore,  stopping and inaction doesn’t have to be a viewed as a waste of time…it is a time where you can plan, meditate, focus or just plain get ready for the “Go” part.

So remember to take the time to stop before going, it just makes sense.

Yours in Stopping before Going – Coach

Snap to it.

You know what I mean – get in gear, start the process, get it flowing.

We can wait until we have all green lights and the moon is full, but that doesn’t happen very often, if at all.

So we need to just get after it, and go for it, to let the world have, what we’ve got.

Otherwise, we are just going through the motions of mediocrity – which does us, and the world no good.

Yours in “Snap to it” – Coach

When we shut ourselves in…

From the outside world, whether it is in our minds or in our house, we usually go into a funk.

That’s because, when we shut ourselves in, we are only thinking about me, I and myself.

When we recognize that we have shut ourselves in and are in a funk, we need to go outside and see the beauty of nature and the beauty of people.

Breathe the fresh air, look at the mountains or the ocean, and do something for someone else for a change.

Once we go outside and serve others, we will not be thinking only about me, I and myself, and our world will once again open back up, and the funk will be gone.

Your in “Creating a New Cycle” – Coach