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Heidi Klum?

She may be a super model, and just maybe it’s because of her super outlook. Check this out: “The key to where I am today is that I make the most out of everything”. Being the eternal optimist makes her a super successful Mom, wife, woman and as a whole, makes her a beautiful person…. Read more »

Like attracts Like…

Your Social Circle is made up by the people you choose. They are in your “Circle” because you get along well, most likely because you have the same hobbies, friends and interests. Studies show, more interestingly, that the people in your “Circle” are also in the same economic level as yourself. In my coaching, I… Read more »

Daily Inspirational Quotes – Day 1229

Remember, not getting… What we want, just may be a blessing in disguise. If we got everything we wanted, we would just be wanting more, and that isn’t really the best thing for our us. We may even know someone who gets everything they want – more often than not, they don’t have to do… Read more »

Colonel Harlan Sanders

Father died when he was 6. Dropped out in Seventh grade. He worked many jobs, including a steamboat captain, insurance salesman, railroad fireman, farmer and an Army private. At age 40, he started cooking chicken, and other dishes to his customers at his Gas Station. Interstate 75 was put up in font of his then… Read more »

Nature abhors a vacuum…

Nature doesn’t like a vacuum as it disrupts it homeostasis, or it’s balance by the void that is created. So while changing existing habits, make sure to fill in what you are changing out, or the void may be filled with something you don’t want. – Dr. Vik, The Culture King

Many decisions are in need…

Of some real analyzing…pulling from our own experiences. Other decisions are in need of some input from our friends and family. And with some decisions, we need some objective advice. And sometimes, we just need our “gut” to be the umpire. Yours in “Decisions” – Coach

The older the berry…

The sweeter the juice. Yes, since things mature over time and with age, they can be harvested to bring out the maximum desired results. But in today’s society, the “McDonald’s” factor of wanting it now and demanding a forced result before it’s ready, often times, makes us “pick it” before it’s ripe. We must be… Read more »

Daily Inspirational Quotes – Day 1228

There is a time… To learn and there is a time to teach. and making the transition, takes time. Many of the folks I have talked with, in many different fields, have let me know that they are trying to be experts, but they are having a hard time getting traction with clients. The common… Read more »

The one thing we can give…

And still keep, is our word. Pretty Cool, eh? People “buy” relationships, and the one investment that is most highly prized is trust. Coming through on our word, and always being able to back our commitments is not only something people can depend on, it can help be a safe haven for many, in this… Read more »

“The word “Yes”…

Has changed my life.” I wonder how many can use that statement, for the success in their own lives? I bet…a ton. No, is the usual response, and sometimes is followed up with an excuse or two. There is definitely times to use “no” in our lives, yet the last I checked, saying “Yes” to … Read more »