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Since life is all…

About relationships, we need to figure out if we are doing the best we can, to create some cool, long term relationships. Do we compliment and praise as much as we should? Do we acknowledge others and recognize others for who they are, and how special they are to us? Or do we think only… Read more »

Great Feats…

Are really something you can carry with you for the rest of your life and maybe even something to tell the Grandkids. Great Feats always have a common thread…it’s something we accomplish when we push ourselves beyond our normal limits. By undertaking a Great Feat, we need to keep our mind focused on the process… Read more »

Cost of Living vs. Standard of Living?

There is a difference. Cost of living is how much it costs you to afford the lifestyle you live vs your Standard of living is what you need to have a nice life. For instance, you can be happy with your “comfy” clothes and good home cooked meals but if you live in an expensive… Read more »

Cream of the Crop!

Is that the way you roll?? Number one…The best…The High Water Mark…Tops?? If not, you can be. Yours in “Excelling” – Coach

What’s In It For Me

This is a question that we all ask ourselves in many different situations. Since we ask ourselves that question, we must be aware that others are asking themselves that same question too. So when we would like to have things go “our” way, we must provide the answer for others when, in their head, they… Read more »

In any game…

Whether it be the game of life, work or play…on paper, there can be favorites, and also a projected “Winner”. But we don’t play on paper. This is pretty cool, because when we play our game, we often times receive doubt, opposition or resistance from others – which sometimes gets in our heads. But last… Read more »

New vs. Old..?

In public, New is the deal. But what about private?? What is your uniform of choice?…you know what I mean…the old outfit you won’t wear in public, but love to wear around the house. These outfits usually have 3 criteria: They are paid for, comfortable and loose, and if someone tries to throw them out,… Read more »

A smile…

Can help bring happiness to anyone, even if they don’t like us. A smile can also help us reinforce our subconscious pathways and all the positive physiological effects it brings about. A smile is also a great way to make someone feel special…”Have you ever entered a party or event and didn’t recognize anyone…then a… Read more »

Top of the line…

Is always the best. How would we like to have our vacation be top of the line? How would it be to dine out and be told that our main course is all made out of top of the line ingredients, made by top of the line Chefs, in a top of the line kitchen?… Read more »

What are those things…

That you keep bumping into? They are usually the things that are left undone or unfinished, but they are always around…that’s why we keep bumping into them. So if you keep finding yourself needing a little  more elbow room, it’s time to clean the decks and handle what needs to be handled. So strap up… Read more »