Monthly Archives: May 2010

Daily Inspirational Quotes – Day 1124

Train hard…   To win easy.   We see this all the time in professional sports.   The top players make everything look so easy, but the truth of the matter is that the “look easy” part came from many years and countless hours of training.   So if we want to “win easy”, we… Read more »

Daily Inspirational Quotes – Day 1123

A uniform represents…   Purpose of duty.   But simply wearing a uniform doesn’t represent the purpose of commitment.   So whatever team you are wearing a uniform for, remember, it is our purpose of commitment that brings about a winning team.   Yours in “Winning starts with Committing” – Coach

Daily Inspirational Quotes – Day 1122

Sometimes we are dealt…   Winning hands.   And sometimes we are just dealt opportunities for a winning hand.   In these cases, we just need to understand that it is our choice to figure out what to discard, and what to keep, for us to create a winning hand.   Because, after all, if we… Read more »

Daily Inspirational Quotes – Day 1120

We can all think… About all the plates we are spinning as a duty or a chore. But getting down to brass tacks, I bet most all of the plates we are spinning are plates that will allow our lives to be better in the long run. The plates are either helping us, helping others or… Read more »

Daily Inspirational Quotes – Day 1115

“What we want… When we want it”. Sounds right, on the surface, but what does that kind of thinking bring us? Impatience maybe, or maybe it allows us to go rapidly from one experience to another without really enjoying and being part of the experience in the first place. When we really think about it,… Read more »

Daily Inspirational Quotes – Day 1113

Decisions, decisions… That’s what surrounds us everyday, but the cool part about it, is that it’s always our choice on what we decide. Yet the big decisions are what most of us have a challenge with, and those challenges lie between: “Trust and Fear” & “Commitment and Collapse” But again, we also have a choice… Read more »